Our Services

The services we provide in our single fee structure are divided into three categories and include:


  • Convene and attend the annual general meeting and committee meetings
  • Call nominations for the position of executive and ordinary members of the committee
  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices
  • Record and distribute minutes
  • Respond to communications and correspondence


  • Open, maintain and operate a bank account for the administrative and sinking fund
  • Prepare a statement of accounts for each financial year
  • Prepare draft budgets
  • Issue levy and other contribution notices.
  • Receipt and bank levies
  • Process and pay accounts
  • Issue monthly cheque summaries
  • Monitor credit control
  • Recovery of outstanding levies


  • Attend to the decisions of the body corporate and its committee
  • Make available the records for inspection
  • Establish and maintain the roll and registers
  • Maintain and keep records
  • Pay insurance premiums and lodge claims.
  • Attend to arrangements for the maintenance, repair or replacement of the common property or body corporate assets.